Services produced through the www.berrakotel.com.tr site are subject to the conditions under the Terms of Service. Anyone who becomes a member and makes a purchase is deemed to have read and accepted these terms.

Payment from the site can be made by Money Order or Credit Card, depending on the selected payment type. Installment payments can only be made when the selected credit card type is entered correctly. Payments made by money order will be processed after approval by BERRAKOTEL.

Changes in purchased services are at the discretion of BERRAKOTEL company. BERRAKOTEL does not make any commitment that the requested changes will occur.

If there are six or fewer days left until the reservation start date, BERRAKOTEL reserves the right not to accept the change request.

Services purchased with early reservation cannot be changed.

The User may opt out of receiving the service at any time, as long as he/she complies with the conditions under the Terms of Service. The refund process will be initiated after you notify this request by phone or fax to the numbers listed under Contact. The refund is refunded through the channel through which the relevant user made the payment. For example, if payment was made by credit card, the refund fee will be refunded to the relevant credit card.